CureMedica Family Clinic – CureMedica is a family clinic that provides a full range of comprehensive medical services to children, youth, adults and families in the Greater Hartford area. CureMedica’s main focus is to improve and provide access to primary care services and decrease the barriers and challenges accessing proper medical care. CureMedica specializes in family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, and preventative health services. CureMedica serves our community in an ambulatory setting to provide a holistic approach to diagnose and manage medical conditions, preventative measures and screenings; to increase outcomes for chronic illnesses for our patients. CureMedica strives to meet our patients medical needs through our skilled providers and professionals. Our team has a number of skills including the ability to recognize the patients unexpressed needs and willingness to take on the important role of providing optimal primary care services to enhance the quality of life .

Se habla en Espanol! Walk – ins welcomed ! You can reach us at: 860.400.2550

Definition: CureMedica means to heal, to make well, to restore to good health.

Mission: ” To provide the highest quality medical care in a patient focused , safe and professional environment.

Vision: To serve our community as leading providers and provide access to primary care services. Where patients and providers form an indissoluble relationship, as our team works in a unified manner to deliver individualized medical attention.

Values: Patient focused, Compassionate, Collaborative, Independent, Professional, Excellence, Efficiency.